Friday, February 9, 2018

Get All List Items from SharePoint List page wise to handle threshold limit

Below is the common error during development:
The attempted operation is prohibited because it exceeds the list view threshold enforced by the administrator.
How to handle in client object model?
  • To avoid threshold error, we can use below orderby query.
OrderBy Override='TRUE'>

  • Using Sorting on the returned list
items = items.OrderBy(item => item.FieldValues["FileLeafRef"]).ToList();
  • Implementing the search on the items. Sample below which brings matched document string name on the page
items = items.FindAll(f => f.FieldValues["FileLeafRef"].ToString().ToLower().Contains("".ToLower())).ToList();

  • Complete Method

public static List<ListItem> GetAllListItemsInaList1(ClientContext ctx, string siteurl)


List<ListItem> items = new List<ListItem>();

            ctx.Load(ctx.Web, a => a.Lists);


List list = ctx.Web.Lists.GetByTitle("EngagementDocumentLibrary");

ListItemCollectionPosition position = null;

int rowLimit = 4999;

var camlQuery = new CamlQuery();

            camlQuery.ViewXml = @"<View Scope='RecursiveAll'>


<OrderBy Override='TRUE'><FieldRef Name='ID'/></OrderBy>              



                <FieldRef Name='FileLeafRef'/><FieldRef Name='File_x0020_Type' /><FieldRef Name='FileRef' /><FieldRef Name='Editor' />


            <RowLimit Paged='TRUE'>" + rowLimit + "</RowLimit></View>";



ListItemCollection listItems = null;

                camlQuery.ListItemCollectionPosition = position;

                listItems = list.GetItems(camlQuery);



                position = listItems.ListItemCollectionPosition;



while (position != null);

            items = items.OrderBy(item => item.FieldValues["FileLeafRef"]).ToList();

return items;


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