Thursday, October 10, 2013

What I miss about you [Katie Melua], version 2 by me


Its a try !! don’t know how you all feel another version of this song, suggestion and corrections are always welcome.

Missing the talk every night at 8.52

Forgetting myself in our talks as you do

The sharing of feelings that no one else knew

That’s what I miss about you


The every smile of yours made me mad

Your starring eyes, melting in my smile told everything

How every day you used to care me

That’s what I miss about you


Your presence in my boring life, exciting me

Driving in your dream every day, that was free

Gearing up the imagination, laughing for nothing free zed me

You made me feel you’re mine, like fruits for tree


The way you tried to separate the parasite

Your habit of stubborn ever never stopped

The way you said, I am not your bite

Pushing me like thorn of life which you chewed

That's what I don't miss about you


I bet you're lying wearing the hating mask

Spoiling the life with your own rules

Expecting me to forget our entire task

Knowing we are in a two different poles


The way I doubted believing others was wrong

This is one way of loving for few

The moment you are here, hearts beat prolong

Your skill of putting me down in a flash of flew

That’s what I don't miss about you

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